The world knows about the Vietnam War, but they don’t know the lasting impact of landmines in Laos and across Southeast Asia. Decades on, we find the casualties still continuing to grow, even beyond the Laotian borders, affecting thousands - and that’s where our story begins. Following American NGO “Give Children a Choice” as they build preschools on bomb-tainted land, we experience the stories of rural farmers trapped by grief, a father supporting his family after losing his limbs, a determined fieldworker detonating landmines, and more. It is an incredible story of survivors, leaders, and a nation whose history America seems unwilling to face.

Bombie infiltrates the most heavily bombed nation in the world alongside a small NGO, as they assist many of those that have been affected by unexploded ordnance lasting from the Vietnam War. It is a story that explores the challenges many Laotians face, the fears that they live with and the hope that they search for.